Coding Tips

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How to Speed Up Your Computer

Here are some links that will guide you on how to speed up your computer: 10 Quick Ways to Speed Up a Slow Windows PC How to Speed Up a Slow Computer How to Speed Up Your PC for Free Some notes: cleanmypc reduce animations/advanced system settings/visual effects click to play ccleaner power settings task… Continue reading How to Speed Up Your Computer

Tech YouTube Channels

Bloomberg Tech Re/Code Podcast This Week In Google This Week In Tech Masters of Scale The Verge TechCrunch Mashable Forbes Technology Guardian SciTech Fortune CNET Scientific American Tech Insider If you know a Tech News site that deserves to be on this list, please share the URL through the comments section below and we’ll update… Continue reading Tech YouTube Channels

In-demand Web Dev Tech

// this is just a simple list for reference python/haskell/java mysql/postgresql/redis/mongodb/couchbase,rethinkdb/elasticsearch/solr scripting node.js python ruby php functional languages elixir scala clojure haskell high-performance/compiled languages go/golang rust java c# caching nginx apache database (redis) in-memory data relational: mysql, postgresql redis/sessions/caching document: mongodb, couchbase, rethinkdb search engine: elasticsearch, solr things to learn unit/functional testing for chosen technology… Continue reading In-demand Web Dev Tech

Software Engineer Salary

Software Engineer Salary Pros: I get to work on things that I actually studied about during my university years. My final products are used by thousands of customers and this gives me much satisfaction. I enjoy many benefits such as my own office, long vacation, telecommute, paid training and an easy going and relaxed work… Continue reading Software Engineer Salary