In-demand Web Dev Tech

// this is just a simple list for reference python/haskell/java mysql/postgresql/redis/mongodb/couchbase,rethinkdb/elasticsearch/solr scripting node.js python ruby php functional languages elixir scala clojure haskell high-performance/compiled languages go/golang rust java c# caching nginx apache database (redis) in-memory data relational: mysql, postgresql redis/sessions/caching document: mongodb, couchbase, rethinkdb search engine: elasticsearch, solr things to learn unit/functional testing for chosen technology… Continue reading In-demand Web Dev Tech

Software Engineer Salary

Software Engineer Salary Pros: I get to work on things that I actually studied about during my university years. My final products are used by thousands of customers and this gives me much satisfaction. I enjoy many benefits such as my own office, long vacation, telecommute, paid training and an easy going and relaxed work… Continue reading Software Engineer Salary

Learn Web Development

Object Oriented Programming MIT Lecture UC Berkeley Lecture Code School Lesson RPG405 Identifying an Inheritance Situation Dev Theory User Account System Login System StartHere Website Administration Intro to Algorithms DNS Lecture HTTP Lecture SSL and HTTPS HTTP-based Web Servers TCP & HTTP/Web Session State/Databases/Web Dev MIT CS Harvard CS Dave Xiang Intro To CompSci… Continue reading Learn Web Development

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering: A great definition. NASA’s engineers have both common and conflicting goals, just like we do in web operations. They weigh trade-offs in efficiency and thoroughness, and wade into the constraints of better, cheaper, faster, and hopefully: more resilient. Continue reading this article at Kitchen Soap Instill A Systems Engineering Culture Across Dev And… Continue reading Systems Engineering

Continuous Integration

What is Continuous Integration? Set up a continuous integration workflow with AWS CodePipeline, which lets you build a workflow that builds code in AWS CodeBuild every time you commit a change. Continue reading this article at Amazon Continuous Integration in DevOps To achieve an iterative, fail-fast workflow, Agile methodologies encouraged embedding customer stakeholders full time… Continue reading Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery

What is Continuous Delivery? Find and Address Bugs Quicker Your team can discover and address bugs earlier before they grow into larger problems later with more frequent and comprehensive testing. Continuous delivery lets you more easily perform additional types of tests on your code because the entire process has been automated. Continue reading this article… Continue reading Continuous Delivery

Big Data

DevOps for Big Data Classical DevOps was all about creating velocity between business requirements and needs—the developers writing the code, the systems that actually embody the code and solve the business problems—and it was all around processes like Agile, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. That is all well and good, but for big data, there… Continue reading Big Data