Digital Architect


  • Able to successfully lead a highly-technical team across multiple disciplines (based in a number of geographies). Able to integrate third-party vendors and offshore teams into a high-performing delivery function
  • Excellent communication skills including extensive senior stakeholder management experience
  • Experience with public cloud infrastructure, specifically AWS, but experience with Microsoft Azure, GCP and others will be beneficial. Experience with a range of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and FaaS and ability to articulate the benefits and trade-offs of each.
  • Detailed knowledge of application architecture – defining architecture principles design, architecture views and viewpoint design, building block design, solutions modelling and systems behaviour
  • Detailed knowledge of technical architecture – class and component design, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, entity relational diagrams, trust boundaries, etc
  • Experience applying and tailoring software architecture to suit various delivery methodologies, including: SCRUM, Kanban, etc.
  • Experience with procurement of technology services and products. The candidate should be able to explain how they undertake technical due diligence including short-listing through to technical evaluation and planning contract mitigation.
  • Experience with networking and security architecture and technologies, including VPN, MPLS, IPS, WAF, etc.
  • Current experience in one or more languages and tool-chains – both back-end and front-end. The candidate should have detailed knowledge of software engineering patterns, practices and toolsets and a background that includes use of a variety of software development languages and frameworks is beneficial.
  • Experience configuring and integrating a number range of COTS and business-facing technologies that support supply-chain (ERPs), sales and marketing (e.g. CRM and Marketing automation suites), business productivity applications (e.g. SharePoint, O365), and digital channels (CMS, e-Commerce, etc.)
  • Experience with a range of traditional RDBMS systems, ORM tools (depending on development language) and NoSQL storage solutions.
  • Experiencing delivering solutions in a DevOps environment and working knowledge of one or more. CI/CD tool-chains.

You can apply for the job here:

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