IT Security Team Lead

Candidate should be able to talk to NOC and all C-suite VPs and be able to tailor the message depending on the audience

Will be ITIL Change Manager as well

ISO 2701 program is established

ISO – internal auditing experience / dealing with enquiries from the stakeholders is critical

Experience establishing /standardizing to ITIL and ISO 2701 compliance

Right candidate will be agnostic to every group

She / He will make sure production changes are thought out and meet the needs of the business

Needs to be confident to stand her / his ground.

Deep knowledge of DevOps (automated billing and production environment) and day to day security

Gets business needs done and gets teams aware of the implications

High volume CAB environment experience and comfort is essential

Market leader in quick and effective solutions

He/she will deal with security incidents that come thru breaches and handle inquiries from law enforcement.

Needs to maintain chain of evidence – can’t mishandle legal requests

Internal audit requests also come through

PWC does control testing – this person will need to manage their workflow and have them only focus on what is relevant

This person will be intermediate – senior level and will be offset by our managed services

This person ideally has worked with a managed services provider (person coming in will need to work with an Integrator)

She / He should be on the technical side of security vs on the auditing side

Personality may trump certifications. Experience is better than certs!

Don’t want to hire “thou shall not” personality

You can apply for the job here:

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