DevOps Technology Engineer / Consultant

You are battle tested, you can demonstrate your ability to blend the skills of a customer oriented consultant and customer facing analyst with a hands-on technology architect, combining a hackers mindset along with the technical expertise required to design, build, and manage a continuous delivery environment. (3-5 years’ experience application delivery or IT management/architecture, 1-2 DevOps related experience)
You bring both in-depth depth knowledge and years of hands-on experience in the application of DevOps techniques
Experience as an infrastructure, operations or technical expert operating in the space between development and operations
Proficiency in applying Lean / Kanban to to enable technology environments that support constant innovation and continuous improvement for IT Architecture, Operations, Management and Support
Have experience in application of development style engineering practices in place of more traditional IT management style scripting for systems and IT operations
Experience in data center automation, the latest configuration management tools and techniques, and various virtualization techniques and technologies
Experience in tooling, code management, and deployment strategies that support both iterative & continuous development
Application of agile engineering practices such as continuous integration/deployment, test first style automation, and code craftsmanship
Practical experience in setting up internal, external and hybrid cloud systems supporting environments from DEV to PROD, including SaaS, IAAS, PAAS.
Experience in supporting development teams who are promoting applications through these environments. Have worked with technologies such as IBM® Bluemix, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, Amazon RackSpace, Veritas, HP/OPSWare, Riverbed, Veritas, Nutanix , etc.
Experience with a setting up, configuring, and managing standards and open source / vendor tools dedicated to setting up a just-in-time and continuously improving operational infrastructure (eg Puppet, Go, Gradle, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, OpenStack, NuGet, Mercurial, Git, Puppet Labs, Opscode, Librato ,etc)
Advanced knowledge/experience with Microsoft Professional Suite (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint) and Microsoft Project required.
Experience with analysis of IT processes, re-engineering of processes to improve efficiency and quality

You can apply for the job here:

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