Junior DevOps Engineer

As a key member of the DevOps team you will:

Innovate. As Top Hat grows their Engineering organization, they need their CI and deployment tooling to keep up. This often means iterating on their existing tooling (a mix of Jenkins 2.0, CircleCI, Ansible, Docker, CloudFormation, with Python and makefiles gluing things together), and sometimes introducing new technology to solve new and future needs.

Collaborate. DevOps at Top Hat provides the tooling and automation needed to enable a DevOps culture across their organization. This means working closely with their development and product teams to understand their bottlenecks, and to mentor them on operational ownership.

Improve. DevOps helps improve their internal tooling (instrumentation, dashboards, deployment automation), as well as the infrastructural availability of their production services. They run blame-free post-mortems to drive improvements after incidents, and instrument everything to know when systems fail. They keep up with the latest Amazon services to help scale operations and better achieve high-availability. DevOps also plays a part in Top Hat’s transformation into a security-first organization, providing the opportunity to work on security tasks across their stack.

View full job details here

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