In-demand Web Dev Tech

// this is just a simple list for reference




  • node.js
  • python
  • ruby
  • php

functional languages

  • elixir
  • scala
  • clojure
  • haskell

high-performance/compiled languages

  • go/golang
  • rust
  • java
  • c#


  • nginx
  • apache
  • database (redis)
  • in-memory


  • relational: mysql, postgresql
  • redis/sessions/caching
  • document: mongodb, couchbase, rethinkdb
  • search engine: elasticsearch, solr

things to learn

  • unit/functional testing for chosen technology
  • api’s/restful services
  • security
  • authorization/authentication: oauth2, json webtoken
  • soa(service oriented architecture)/microservices
  • deploying your app (flightplan: nodejs, fabric: python, capistrano: ruby)
  • websocket
  • orm/data structure

Extra: Web Developer Roadmap:

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