Software Engineer Salary

Software Engineer Average Salary

Software Engineer Salary

Pros: I get to work on things that I actually studied about during my university years. My final products are used by thousands of customers and this gives me much satisfaction. I enjoy many benefits such as my own office, long vacation, telecommute, paid training and an easy going and relaxed work environment. Continue reading this article at PayScale 

The 25 Best-Paying Companies For Software Engineers

Pros: “1. Excellent engineering culture 2. Daily work is very challenging and fun. A lot of new technologies and you can not even know all of their names. There are always things you can learn. 3. LinkedIn has a good business model. 4. People with different types of expertise (Engineering, Sales, Business, Analytics) can all have interesting things to work on.”

Continue reading this article at BusinessInsider

18 companies that pay software engineers over $110,000

At Intel, a software engineer makes on average, $105,201 on base salary. Base salaries ranged from $65,000 for junior positions, to $176,000 for senior positions.

When factoring in bonuses and other comp, average total compensation is $117,643. Continue reading this article at BusinessInsider

Software Engineer Salary

Non-profit organizations, companies in early start-up phases, and very small companies tend to offer less in compensation and benefits, while companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Amazon in growing tech hubs such as Seattle, San Francisco and LA tend to offer full benefits along with beyond competitive salaries. The highest paid in the software engineering profession work in the areas of San Jose, California, San Francisco, and Seattle. The Baltimore area also pays well, as does the city of Santa Rosa, California. Continue reading this article at Sokanu

Salary study: Denver software engineers get paid relatively better than those in SF

Why average salaries in Denver vs. San Francisco don’t translate into the same lifestyle is because, well, we’ve got it good here, said Mehul Patel, CEO of, which vets job candidates to speed up employer hiring time. Continue reading this article at The Denver Post 

The highest paid workers in Silicon Valley are not software engineers

In Silicon Valley, software engineer is synonymous with eye-watering compensation. Monthly salaries for engineering interns (about $81,600 per year annualized) are about twice the median wage in the rest of the country. While the reality of high-paying coding jobs is not wrong, programming isn’t the only way to climb Silicon Valley’s career ladder, and it’s definitely not the most lucrative. Continue reading this article at Quartz

Here Are 3 Easy Ways Software Engineers Make $100K Salary

Most web developers work in large corporations and government institutions. Some collaborate with private and small to medium-sized companies. Many others choose to become freelancers. They handle the server side, which involves Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, and ASP.NET. These are used to deliver content and scripts. Some focus on the front-end logic, which involves working closely with a content creator, copywriter, marketing advisor, experience designer, web designer, web producer, project manager, software architect and database administrator. Continue reading this article at Interesting Engineering

Software Developers

Job Outlook

Employment of software developers is projected to grow 17 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. The main reason for the rapid growth is a large increase in the demand for computer software. Continue reading this article at BLS

Software Engineer

Universities and private tech schools offer a range of software engineer training courses and accredited degrees in system and application development. Compare the top-rated software engineer training programs in the U.S., Canada and online. Continue reading this article at ITCareerFinder

What is the salary of software engineer in India per month?

Type of Company:

IT companies: Infosys, TCS, Wipro, CTS, Accenture, etc. Starting pay is around Rs.2.5 Lacs for engineers with no experience to about Rs.15.0 Lacs for engineers with ten years of experience.

American / European companies: Microsoft, Google, Dell, SAP, etc. Starting pay is around Rs.8.0 Lacs for engineers with 3 years of experience to Rs.25. Lacs for engineers with ten years of experience.

Small companies: Small companies pay a meagre pay of Rs.1 Lac to software engineers. The objective of employees is to move to IT companies, and from IT companies to American / European companies.

Continue reading this thread at Quora

Software Engineer Salary

A major growth sector will be defense sector companies subcontracting to the federal government. Military and intelligence agencies (including homeland security) are increasingly outsourcing software design and development to private sector defense vendors. Homeland security has been recently added to this mix, for a total of 24 federal agencies and the U.S. military contracting defense related software. Software engineers and software engineering managers with Secret and Top Secret clearances are always in demand. Continue reading this article at EngineerSalary

What Salary Can You Expect As An Entry Level Software Developer?

According to, which gathered information from over 15,000 software developers, the national average entry level software developer salary is $55,000. That comes to approximately $26.44 per hour if you work forty hours a week. Some companies start software developers out below that number – as low as $50,000 – and some start software developers out significantly higher than that, even as high as $91,000 annually. Continue reading this article at Coding Dojo Blog

Here is the highest salary package a software engineer can get in India

Praveen Annu, a software architect by profession claimed that it was unlikely that anyone who gets their hands dirty with code in India will earn more than Rs 30-35 lakhs per annum. Continue reading this article at IndiaTimes

Software engineer salary: Bulgaria’s case

Bulgaria will for sure continue to thrive as the “IT Hub” in Europe, which will greatly benefit software engineer salaries going forward. The focus on tech-based education, the coalitions dedicated toward strengthening Bulgaria’s outsourcing sector, and the number of new software development companies popping up all the time all bode well for the future of the region. Continue reading this article at Obecto

How to use software engineer salary data to boost your career

So the average pay in Mountain View should be around $146,798, not $104,112. Ouch! Not a good deal, unless you want to downsize your lifestyle considerably. But it might be a good deal if there are insufficient advancement opportunities locally or exceptional opportunities elsewhere. Also note that some companies in that area pay exorbitant salaries for certain highly specialized, highly accomplished individuals. Perhaps one should learn how to become a unicorn? Continue reading this article at TechBeacon

Systems Software Developer Salary

Like most technical positions, system software developer salaries vary from one region to another. California has the highest median salary, more than $20,000 higher than other states like Florida, Michigan and Ohio. The following lists the median salaries of 12 states in 2010, compared to the national figures. The numbers in brackets represent the thresholds for the top and bottom 10 percent of salaries. Continue reading this article at The Balance

Man or Myth: The $3 million Google engineer

Commenters on the story on BI and Reddit have posited that the $3 million Google engineer in question is Jeff Dean, a Senior Fellow in the Knowledge group who, wrote, is “widely credited by Googlers for the blazing speed of the company’s famed search engine.” It would make a lot of sense that, if any engineer at Google is making $3 million – and is a 10x engineer – it would be Jeff Dean, who is clearly exceptional. Continue reading this article at ITWorld

Salary for Software Applications Developers

Also known as: Application Integration Engineer, Applications Developer, Computer Applications Developer, Computer Applications Engineer, Database Developer, Software Applications Architect, Software Applications Designer, Software Applications Engineer Continue reading this article at Recruiter

Common Software Engineering Jobs and Salaries

It can also be a lucrative field, with PayScale reporting the average salary for a software engineer as $74,947, with a reported salary range of $51,751 to $109,061. The highest paid software engineers are, perhaps not surprisingly, located in Mountain View, CA where the average salary is $111,000. Behind Mountain View are Sunnyvale, San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle with average salaries of $101,000, $98,000, $97,000, and $93,000, respectively. However, there are a number of titles and career paths to choose from within software engineering. Continue reading this article at Monster

Chicago software engineer salaries rank among nation’s lowest

The average offer to software engineers relocating from the Bay Area to Chicago is $125,000, nearly 16 percent more than the city average. Employers offered local engineers $105,000, on average, and relocating engineers from any market $116,000. Continue reading this article at Chicago Tribune

Software Engineer Salary: Dollar Dollar Bill Y’All

Another reason to become a Senior Software Engineer is a pretty good salary, comparing to the other professions. It depends on many factors. Junior software engineer salary in Los Angeles starts from $80,000 and it may go to $200,000 and above for a principal role at some companies. It depends on many factors like cost of living, geographic area, technical stack, job market etc. Continue reading this article at Alex Tamoykin

Game Software Developer: Salary, Duties and Requirements

Game software developers require a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in a program such as game engineering or game design and development. A strong knowledge of various computer programming languages is also essential for success in the field. Continue reading this article at Study

This Is How Much Engineers Make at Airbnb, Uber, and Snapchat

Airbnb is the only firm that appears to be paying programmers more than $300,000 a year on average, but there are many others who exceed the $200,000 mark. They include Uber ($292,000), Twitter ($290,000), Facebook ($285,000), Snapchat ($252,000), Google ($233,000), Microsoft ($222,000), Apple ($208,000) and Amazon ($203,000). Continue reading this article at Inc

Software Developer Job Description and Salary

Titles vary among military branches, but the jobs typically involve operating and maintaining military computer systems and databases. Such positions include information technology specialist, cyber systems operations specialist and computer systems programming specialist. Continue reading this article at New England College

Full-Stack Developer Salary: What can you expect to make?

Something else to consider is geography as it relates to in-demand technologies. While JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and other popular languages are generally beneficial anywhere where development is happening, some languages are especially popular in specific geographic areas. For example, Java—a language essential to the creation of Android apps, and also popular with government organizations—would be a great resume asset someplace like Silicon Valley, or for work in Washington, DC. Here are the number of search results for Java and JavaScript Software Developer positions in the Washington DC on Indeed. Continue reading this article at FullStack Academy


At second number is the Switzerland, where the software engineers can start their career around $ 80K.For Norway, Denmark, and Israel, the range is $62K–$68K. The European countries like Germany, the UK, and Sweden, etc. have a range of $ 48K to $54K and Finland and Netherlands have a slightly lesser range of salary. The Ukrainian developers have a chance to get a job paying them $27K as average salary. Continue reading this article at Freelancing Gig

Salary Negotiation and Job Hunting for Developers

The difference between $100,000 and $130,000 is ultimately not that big for a business. The difference between $100,000 and $130,000 for an actual human though is pretty huge. That could be the difference of whether you’re able to afford a house, for example. Given that the company perceives very little difference between the two, and you perceive quite a lot of difference between the two, negotiate aggressively. Negotiate like a confident professional who understands that they are worth whatever number that you can successfully extract out of the company. Continue reading this article at Twilio

The Software Engineer’s Guide to Negotiating a Raise

Just one of the many powerful things about being a software engineer in the current market is that there currently is a plethora of hyper-relevant and up-to-date compensation data at your disposable that you can use to strengthen your case. AngelList alone can be your best friend since a large percentage of the time your exact position is listed on the site with a salary and equity compensation range.

Companies are often much more transparent on AngelList than they’d like to be, but since they’ve got to compete for the top talent they cough up the information. Top Engineers can filter opportunities by compensation ranges and thus know ahead of time how competitive a company is relative to others in the same market. AngelList is just yet another example of how we are currently in a seller’s market where engineers hold more leverage than most other forms of labor in the market. If no such data exists on AngelList, check out and to identify competitive salary ranges based on similar job titles in your geographic market or at your company. Continue reading this article at Free Code Camp

How much does a developer cost in Ukraine?

While Python is getting extremely popular around the world (especially with the Django framework), there are quite few developers in Ukraine who do it. The data below shows that there are quite a lot of cities where we simply don’t have enough data to showcase results.

A very interesting takeaway is the lack of senior developers. I read this as a sign of there being very few Python developers that have a lot of experience; which seems to reflect my own experiences with Ukraine quite well. Continue reading this article at Jarboo

Twitter engineer vents about ‘making ends meet’ in SF on $160K salary

For instance, a tech worker named Michael who earned $700,000 last year finally got frustrated by his 2.5-hour commute and inability to land a house closer to work in San Jose. So he took a job in San Diego earning half his salary, according to the Guardian. Continue reading this article at SFGate

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