Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering Careers

Systems Engineering: A great definition.

NASA’s engineers have both common and conflicting goals, just like we do in web operations. They weigh trade-offs in efficiency and thoroughness, and wade into the constraints of better, cheaper, faster, and hopefully: more resilient. Continue reading this article at Kitchen Soap

Instill A Systems Engineering Culture Across Dev And Ops

Tags Application Development Processes & Tools, Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM), Application Management, Development & Operations (DevOps) Read this post at Forrester

Systems Engineering in Defense and Non-Defense Industries

An understanding of the value of systems engineering is necessary to justify a project’s investment in systems engineering resources and activities. In 2010, the DoD encouraged the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and the SEI to develop a stronger business case for systems engineering by expanding on a 2007 survey of systems developers. We responded by conducting a new survey in collaboration with not just the NDIA, but other professional organizations including the IEEE-Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).
Continue reading this article at SEI

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