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One of the enablers for the mobile devops process is automation. Automation is available from source code management to development tools and testing, and further to actual monitoring of mobile app in production. For instance, mobile test automation really helps in enabling continuous, frequent and instant releases that can be then quickly integrated, deployed and testing in automation context, and in timely manner. Continue reading this article at Bitbar

How to Take Advantage of DevOps in Mobile Apps Testing

Large Number of Mobile Devices Flooding of smart phones and other hand held devices is overwhelming for Apps Development companies. Portability on all such devices is a tough task. Quality teams fails to guarantee functioning of an app on on any given device. OS Platforms Most difficult part of mobile apps testing is large number of OS platforms in market today. Leaving iOS aside, Android has large number of variations on different devices. Such diverse variety makes it difficult to achieve the goal of consistent user experience across platforms. Mobile Apps Types Testing a native app is different than testing a web app which is entirely different for a hybrid app. Implementation of each type makes it unique to test and thee is hardly any overlap. Large number of testing tools When it comes to test automation, selecting a single tool becomes a complex task with large number of free/paid tools in the market. IT Organisations needs to do a due diligence before selecting a tool or toolset. Continue reading this article at TechAhead

Get HockeyApp: Bring DevOps to mobile app development

HockeyApp integrates with tools that support team-based development and collaboration, project management, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. Learn how to integrate these tools with HockeyApp at the HockeyApp Knowledge Base.

For example, when you use HockeyApp with Visual Studio Team Services, every code commit can trigger a build, upload your app to HockeyApp, and make your app available to testers. While your app runs, you’ll collect user feedback and crash reports, which feed back into work items for your next cycle. Learn more about HockeyApp and Visual Studio Team Services. Continue reading this article at Visual Studio

Top 4 mobile app developer security #fails

Most of the security problems plaguing mobile apps boil down to developers’ lack of knowledge about the security impact of certain development decisions. The cure for the disease is to instill a culture of security into the programmers writing the code. Developers that fail to encrypt, blindly trust third-party libraries, lack an attacker mentality and do not build security into there development process will be the most likely to find their software under attack. Continue reading this article at TechBeacon

Interview Questions Every Mobile App Developer Should Know

All major platforms update their software several times a year, and sometimes these updates wreak havoc with the inner workings of many apps. Your employer is likely to be interested in how you are prepared to deal with this problem. In addition to that, a living app should constantly be developing and evolving even without pressure – once it stops, it is as good as dead. Thus, you should have a ready-made plan on post-release support and development. Continue reading this post at DZone

How to Cope with the Mobile App Developer Skills Shortage

EK: Everyone talks about how the mobile market is “fast moving.” There is no better example of this than mobile app development. For example, Apple’s popular Swift programming language was announced almost exactly two years ago; it is now one of the most popular programming languages — ranked send on stackoverflow’s Developer Survey. Translation: Enterprises must expand their training budgets. This will help younger developers expand their skill sets and will greatly help in retaining key talent. Continue reading this article at Enterprise Mobility Exchange

8 testing tools that every mobile app developer should use

KIF is meant to work with iOS applications as a testing framework. It enhances accessibility factors that are made available by the operating system for those who are visually challenged. It develops and performs tests by using a conventional XCTest testing target.

All these testing frameworks are meant to help developers test mobile applications and automate them. One should grasp the importance of these tests as they allow you to determine if your mobile application can be (safely) launched. Continue reading this article at JaxEnter

How “citizen developers” are driving the next wave of rapid app development initiatives

Vijay Pullur, founder and CEO of RAD tool developer WaveMaker, agreed that it’s still an early adopter trend. WaveMaker’s tools are mostly used by developers to speed up their simple application development initiatives, but Pullur said he has seen enterprise business users make use of RAD tools to create temporary applications.

For instance, using a RAD tool, accompanying REST APIs and standard templates, business users are getting access to data using what Pullar called “slice and dice analytics.” It’s not so much about creating applications today as it is about creating dashboards that enable business users to query existing corporate databases, he said. Continue reading this article at IT World Canada

A data platform for data scientists, DevOps, and developers

We want to meet the needs of three distinct users within the TAP ecosystem. The operator (the DevOps role), the data scientist, and the developer. DevOps is the first line because TAP does need to be installed and maintained for the organization. Once it’s set up, its tools and services are available for respective data scientists and developers. DevOps still, in most cases, owns the environment and will be the group that makes that support decision. Continue reading this article at Oreilly

Best TED Talks For Web and App Developers

Thomas Suarez is an app developer in his teens. Thomas programs in several different languages, including Python, C, Objective-C, and Java. Though his efforts have primarily been focused on the coveted Bustin Jeiber app, he’s got a ton of potential. He’s very inspirational, especially to those that might need a breath of fresh air to get passionate about coding again. Continue reading this article at Stackify

AWS App Development Tools

Until fairly recently, AWS had primarily served as a traditional cloud computing platform that was not tightly integrated with on-premise processes and resources. However, products such as AWS CodeDeploy are changing these circumstances, and it’s quite likely that Amazon will continue its march towards incorporating and servicing the entire IT portfolio regardless of where it’s hosted. Continue reading this article at SumoLogic

NativeScript 2.0 Release Brings Mobile App Development with Angular 2

Commenting on the 2.0 release, Todd Anglin (chief evangelist for Progress) told InfoQ, “For the more than one million developers using the Angular framework to write interactive web applications, the NativeScript 2.0 framework represents a giant leap forward—they can finally create zero-compromise mobile apps with Angular featuring truly native UI and performance.” Continue reading this article at InfoQ

Learn what is DevOps and How it is Used in Development

Another DevOps practice is the use of micro service architecture. A micro service architecture enables organizations to deliver flexible applications and quick innovations. A micro service architecture emphasizes splitting a large and complex system into separate projects. An application is divided into multiple components with each component having its function. Dividing a large system has the advantages of reducing the effort required for successful updates and the organization moves quickly because each component has a team working on it. Continue reading this article at Eduonix

4 Young App Developers Who Became Millionaires

In March 2011, Nick created an iOS application called Trimmit, which used an analytical tool to condense the text content into 1000, 500, or 140-character summary text. This application caught the attention of Apple, who then featured it as a new noteworthy application on the App store. Continue reading this article at SimpliLearn

How to create consistent development environments that just work

The only potential downside with Docker, is that to feel comfortable using it, you need to not only learn how Docker works, but you need to have some level of familiarity with Linux and DevOps concepts like containers, networking, etc. Continue reading this article at HackerNoon

Finding the Perfect Fit: How to Choose the Right App Dev Partner

It’s worth investigating the people issue at an early stage in the selection process to avoid costly errors, such as realizing that the skills you thought were available were not quite as developed as you anticipated. For example, you may be in search of capabilities like Selenium or Jenkins and CI/CD. But take the time to evaluate how the people who’ll work on the project will mesh with the existing agile development team, and how the application will be integrated in the wider portfolio. Continue reading this article at InfoStretch

Need Help Delivering Microservices And Container-Based Apps?

Yesterday’s workflow-based deployment tools were designed to deal with complex deployments of large, individual applications. With microservices we need new tooling that can harness a multitude of much smaller deployments, while tracking and managing their dependencies. It needs to be able to conduct proceedings, to bring everything together in time to deliver the app, but it can’t be too rigid. We want to be able to deploy different “bundles” of services easily, without having to ask an administrator to reconfigure our deployment tool. Continue reading this article at XebiaLabs

How to Find an App Developer for Your Project

First of all, visit their websites to learn more about their technology stack, development approach, goals and values. If a developer’s website is well-designed and user-friendly it’s a good sign that they can make a great app for you. Pay special attention to a portfolio section as it can give you an idea of developer’s skills and areas of expertise. Keep in mind that experienced app developers can have hundreds of successfully delivered projects and they can’t put all of them on the website. However, they are always happy to provide the list of relevant projects on request. So, don’t hesitate to drop them a line and
ask to send you the list of apps they have developed. Continue reading this article at Anadea

5 Things to Know Before You Have a Developer Build Your App

Let’s face it, you don’t have unlimited funds to play with (see section one above). You don’t need to support every platform–do you really think you need an iOS app, an Android app, a Windows Phone app and an iPad app from the beginning? Instead, start testing your idea on one platform to build a proof of concept. If there’s a platform that is particularly suited to showing off the capabilities of your idea, focus on that one and, if appropriate, add more platforms later. Continue reading this article at Wired

Prerequisite Skills for an App Developer

Companies are now looking for someone who is well-equipped to deal with every layer of the development stack and has the ability to extract insights from massive data sets. Organizations have understood that there are alternative ways of building mobile solutions, and that the hybrid, cross-platform approach is a mainstream now. Two of the most vital concerns regarding mobile initiatives today are security and backend integrations. The amalgamation of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and cloud has changed the way we look at app development and organizations are looking for new and different ways to increase speed and productivity. Iteration is just the right way to go about it. There’s no need to concentrate all the focus and energy on building the ‘mother’ of all solutions. You need to get the product out in the market and decide accordingly as to what works in its favor and what doesn’t, and then make the required changes. It goes hand-in-hand with DevOps and we are seeing mobile app development as one of the drivers of PaaS adoption. Continue reading this article at BestDevOps

9 Points to consider for an App Developer while deciding on Backend as a Service – BaaS

This is another most frequently asked question or concern. Is our data secured? BaaS services are accessible through APIs which are called through set of keys, signatures, timestamp etc. similar to the widely used AWS APIs. No user has direct access to the servers and most of the BaaS Providers also provide ACLs (Access Control List) to protect the data from unauthorized usage. Continue reading this article at ShepHertz

5 Essential Skills for Becoming a Mobile Application Developer on Linux

Node.js is an open-source Javascript runtime environment that is widely popular for developing web applications. However, it has proven its use in the mobile world through its employment of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, which is Android-compatible. If properly utilized, Node allows programmers to use the same platform for developing both server and mobile apps, thereby greatly speeding up development times in the process. Continue reading this article at Linux

10 top must listen Podcasts for programmers and App developers

If you are a coder or an App developer, you are in for luck as there are plenty of Podcasts covering a vast array of topics right from programming for dummies to complex program guides. Podcasts are also useful to keep you updated in your area of expertise, i.e. Java Podcasts for Java developers. They keep you updated with everything that’s happening with your favorite tools, and help you develop a broader perspective on the ever-changing field that is technology. Continue reading this article at TechWorm

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