Solution Architect

IT Solution Architect

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

Through this course, you will learn:

  • Design and deploy AWS architecture with advance security.
  • Cost optimization, performance of infrastructure through hands on labs.
  • Monitor and log access and usage of AWS compute, Storage, networking, and database services.
  • Design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS.
  • Design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault.. Continue reading this post at DevOps Service

The Solutions Architect: Your SaaS Application’s Secret Weapon

Putting The “A” In Team

Excellent Solutions Architects are team leaders, too. Great results aren’t produced in a vacuum. To fully automate a complex application, Solutions Architects must team up with savvy DevOps engineers who are capable of bringing their design – and your vision – to life.

If you plan on tapping the power of DevOps in your organization, consider bringing both a Solutions Architect and at least one DevOps engineer into the mix. The Architect achieves better results when he focuses on strategy and urgent issues, leaving day-to-day execution to a capable engineer (or Gary the Intern if you feel like rolling the dice). Continue reading this article at G2

Intro to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

Irrespective of you being certified or not, AWS skills are going to have skill in today’s market. On average AWS solution architect makes $150,000 per year. AWS certified solutions architect is ranked top among the moneymaking certifications in entire IT world.

When people came to know that I had completed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, I received number of inquiries from my friends and students on how I did it and where I found resources and study materials etc… . So here is this brief course… Get AWS certified solutions architect associate in 30 days? That’s right…. In 30 days! Continue reading this post at Udemy

What does a ‘Solutions Architect’ really do?

I’ve just accepted a new role: “Solutions Architect.” I was working as Systems Architect, but I wonder: what does a Solutions Architect really do? If you take a look on the Internet, you are able to see that the title isn’t old. It was created/appeared a few years ago. I believe that it really came to the world on the end of 2005. Before that we had a lot of other Architects that we still have, such as Infrastructure Architect, Software Architect, Software Architect, Systems Architect, Enterprise Architect and others. I compiled some opinions about what some people think the Solutions Architect does. Continue reading this thread at The Server Side

AWS Certified Solutions Architect vs DevOps exams – my subjective comparison

From all my certifications, I think I value my Red Hat’s Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation the most. Red Hat’s exams are performance based, not quiz-types exams. There are no questions. You are given a set of virtual machines and a set of tasks to perform. Your configuration is then tested by an automated checker (sometimes a bionic one, too), so it takes a couple of hours (up to 3 days) to get the results. But the exam tests that you not only know how to do things, but can actually do them. Maybe AWS should implement performance-based exams too? They already have the virtualization infrastructure ready! Continue reading this post at Mysterious Code

Udemy – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2017

Has anyone taken the “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2017” course from Udemy? I just picked it up for $15 on sale and wondering how other folks experience has been with the course. I’m an experienced sys admin with a lot of exposure designing on prem (non cloud) solutions but i’m looking to break into the cloud space. I do have a foundational understanding of how cloud computing works and familiar with a good portion of the aws services. Also i have some light exposure deploying systems and in house applications to aws using ansible (cloud modules).

Did it adequately prepare you for the AWS exam? Was it too slow/fast paced? Would i be better off learning using another course/method? ect. Continue reading this thread at Reddit

Roadmap to Success: MCSD Azure Solutions Architect

The MCSD Azure Solutions Architect certification is distinguished from other MCSD certifications in that it demands a broader scope of skills and abilities, beyond programming and programming languages.

Since it is a Solutions Architect certification, learners are expected to demonstrate their expertise as a developer, IT pro, DevOps practitioner, as well as in design and architecture.

Learners pursuing this certification path should have one or more years of web development experience (including .NET, PHP, Ruby, or Python), a solid understanding of basic networking concepts, and familiarity with the basic structure of the Microsoft Azure platform. Related areas of expertise could include cloud services and/or virtualization. Continue reading this post at CBT Nuggets

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