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DevOps is really a culture. It’s a view and a perspective on how to do things more efficiently as a development in an operations organization. Historically, particularly at Blackboard, there has been a very strong separation between operations and development. Development did their work, we wrote our code, we wrote our tests, we verified our stuff, and then we packaged it up and we threw it over a wall to our operations team and we said, “Run it for us.”

That can work to a certain extent, but what ends up happening is you have this air gap between your development and operations organization that results in a lot of loss of fidelity, a lot of missed opportunities for things to get better for everybody. Continue reading this article at IT Revolution

Five Key DevOps Questions Answered by an HP Chief Architect

Another indicator to look for that leads to successful DevOps projects are teams where the developer sandboxes are collaborative in nature and work hand-in-glove with an organization’s IT change management business capability. If the organization data center (ITIL) service management and development teams have an adversarial climate (leave your baby at the doorstep), that is the opposite of the collaboration needed to achieve a successful DevOps flow. Continue reading this article at TIBCO Blog

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