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Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Mullen visits New Orleans, La. on Dec. 14, 2006. Cleared for Release by CNO PAO

10 books every IT Manager should read

There are a ton of books about IT that cover the different areas you have to deal with every single day. From management to software control, hardware security, knowing how to deal with people and lots of other subjects that you might or might not encounter on a daily basis, and the following texts might offer light on how to deal with them. Continue reading this article at Prey

IT Manager Salary

As an IT manager, you’ll most likely have full-time employment with full-time perks, including insurance, retirement, and stock options. Software start-ups in the Bay Area advertise benefits like fully-stocked kitchens, catered meals, and monthly yoga retreats to prospective IT managers. Or, if you decide to work for a university, you may find that you (and your children) are blessed with partial- or full-tuition reimbursement as a perk. Continue reading this article at Shmoop

Apache Cloudstack Best Practices for CIOs, IT Manager and Devops

More often Devops / IT Managers face challenges/issues while implementing their Cloudstack Projects.These challenges we have categorized as different labels of queries that often IT Managers or CIOs try to find answer

Continue reading this article at ActonCloud

Meet IT Manager 2.0: Now More Vital Than Ever

Eight years ago, she led separate teams of developers and systems administrators. The developers wrote the code, while systems admins managed the racks of hardware and servers necessary to run the software.

Then the cloud revolution changed everything—IT management included. With data and software now housed offsite, IT leaders like Eaton-Cardone have embraced a new role in which managing people, not help desk requests or physical boxes, is the top priority. Continue reading at Wired

Cloud Solutions for Business: The IT Manager Mandate

Once cloud systems are up and running, IT managers must develop skills to make the best use of these new resources. Consider the IoT. The market for this always-connected, interlocking web of sensors, mobile devices, and monitoring tools promises big gains if companies are able to effectively collect, parse, and interpret big data. To meet this emerging challenge, IT professionals need the time and space to expand their knowledge and embrace the impact of IoT. Continue reading this article at Vonage

Getting started with DevOps: A guide for IT managers

The paper explores approaches an IT manager should take to make a DevOps initiative successful. DevOps practices will serve your team well, says Gareth, if you want the ability to deliver better software faster, scale quickly and easily, avoid the pitfalls of shadow IT, and enjoy better relationships with colleagues across the organisation. Continue reading this post at The Register

From dev to ops to management: how to get the whole organisation understanding DevOps

Many developers are interested in security, but have limited experience with it. Operators can reach out to developers with offers of training, and invitations to threat briefings. Share monitoring data around malware or DOS attacks.Management incentives are different from yours, and from developer incentives. And managers want to see results now, or at least know when they can expect results. If you can explain DevOps well, management will be confident your initiative will serve organisational goals, and allow you the time the teams need to establish new practices, and show results. Continue reading this article at Information Age

How To Hire An IT Manager Who Will Get It Done, 24x7x365 (FREE Hiring Kit With Tough & Insightful Interview Questions)

The IT Manager will be responsible for the management of all IT staff and services.

The right candidate will have experience and expertise in cross-channel technologies including servers, storage, networking and cloud.

The IT Manager is creative with the ability to organize projects, meet deadlines and manage a team. The ability to troubleshoot and solve technical issues is expected.

This position requires a strategic thinker who can support multiple organizational objectives simultaneously. Continue reading this article at VMinstall

7 Dev Team Secrets IT Managers Need To Know

In the mind of many managers, the software development group is a black box filled with creatures from myth. You throw in a specification document and after a suitable period of time (usually defined as deadline + r, where r is a random number of troubleshooting days), working software pops out. Continue reading this article at Information Week

10 Ways to Survive as an IT Manager

You may or may not have the opportunity to go on training courses. Whatever your situation spend time learning new stuff that will benefit the company and yourself. You can learn a lot by reading online, you can petition for training from your managers, you can fund training yourself, you can ask for help from your different suppliers. The more you learn, the more you can do and the more useful you can be to the company, plus the more interesting you will find the job. Continue reading this article at Funky Sis’ DevOps Diary

How to convince IT decision makers to embrace DevOps

Calculating the cost of an application

In my previous role as an IT manager, I developed a method for itemizing each stage of application delivery. Today, I use this method in my work helping enterprise customers implement DevOps initiatives.

Let’s walk through a real-life example I created with input from the procurement and IT managers of a large insurance company. We’ll use a basic spreadsheet to do this. We’re looking for a ballpark here, so we’ll keep these costs simple. Note: all costs are in USD.

Estimate staffing costs

The best place to start is by estimating the average hourly value of staff. The good news is that most IT managers deal with these numbers all the time. You can see in the figure below that we’ve estimated the average hourly cost of IT deployment staff at $125 and Business and Test staff at $75. Continue reading this article at BetaNews

Archive for IT Manager Resources

The hiring process for IT professionals is not particularly difficult, but there seem to be many roadblocks. Some HR departments claim that there is a massive skills gap between what they actually need and the talents potential new hires possess, while other companies find themselves considering too many individuals for a single role. The bottom line is that every hiring manager has his or her share of pros and cons to deal with, whether these involve the public perception of the brand or the lack of skilled professionals.

Whatever the problems are, the grass always seems greener on the other side, and in that respect, taking a look at what other organizations are doing to attract and hire new IT employees can provide a useful perspective. It is even possible to learn a thing or two from businesses that experience seemingly unlimited success when hiring.

Here are three strategies that some of the biggest tech companies employ when they are searching for new talent. Continue reading this article at APN Consulting

7 Reasons to Read The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery

Whether you are new to Continuous Delivery, or just need a quick refresher, The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery is the perfect addition to your DevOps library. Having recently picked up the book myself, I can see how it has become an absolute essential addition in understanding the intricate world of Continuous Delivery. Below you will find a list of why The IT Manager’s Guide to Continuous Delivery is the perfect guide for beginners and experts alike. Continue reading this article at Medium

An IT Manager’s Job Description

What enterprises are seeing as digital disruption today will be part of the integrated fabric of business in the future. These executives will be charged with maximizing digital applications and ensuring they stay on the right flight pattern. These leaders will essentially be the air traffic controllers and be guided by data insights to make strategic decisions and ensure those applications keep to their flight pattern.

IT managers must keep these shifts in mind and adopt a forward-thinking technology vision to remain relevant to the needs of your business. Continue reading this article at Channel e2e

Enterprise apps and security: An uneasy relationship

Two-thirds of devops managers (66%) reported that app security testing delays development and threatens deadlines in Veracode’s Secure Development Survey. And legacy app security processes and complexity added time-to-market according to 46% of devops managers. Continue reading this article at IT Manager Daily

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