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Software testing for DevOps: How one QA team sets the pace

QA is about both finding bugs and improving software quality. Agile and DevOps have created new testing challenges for QA professionals who must meet the requirements for rapid delivery cycles and automated delivery pipelines. Fortunately, the tools and methodologies have evolved along with these disciplines. Agile puts QA and development in the same boat, with both paddling together toward a common goal: “done.” Using cloud services to centralize application data for analysis and social media monitoring creates rapid feedback loops for software development. Agile and DevOps may have revved up the pace of development, but with these best practices, QA will not only keep the pace but also help to fuel it. Continue reading this at TechBeacon

Role of QA in the World of DevOps

DevOps helps achieve process improvements throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), as QA can simultaneously identify issues in process and recommend improvements necessary all through the cycle. There is a paradigm shift in development and QA with the rising popularity and acceptance of DevOps across enterprises. The role of QA in DevOps has gained more significance and has become more critical than ever before. Continue reading this at ToolsQA

“DevOps” an Extension of Agile Methodology – How It will Impact QA?

Waterfall gave way to V-Model which in turn was replaced by Agile as the preferred choice for software development. DevOps is the future. It’s a continuous improvement cycle that software development models undergo from time-to-time. You need to embrace, understand and inculcate it.

You need to master the various automation and continuous integration tools, so that your automation efforts add value to the chain and are lean enough to quickly adapt to changes. You may be working on projects that may involve an alpha, beta and UAT environments before being deployed on the production environment.

The concept essentially remains the same. Automation, automation and more automation is the core of a successful DevOps cycle. But, as a QA you should also be able to draw a line as to how much automation is too much automation. Continue reading this at Software Testing Help

The Future of Continuous Testing

QA product validation is a necessary component in addressing rapidly changing product development and associated customer demands. In the current digital era, customers are demanding innovations in IoT devices and improved connectivity among computing systems, placing huge responsibilities on businesses to deliver. Improved technology and communication requires automation, enterprise test management, and expertise in testing strategies. Quality assurance is fast moving towards becoming the central determinant of deployment success.

In the current radically changing environment, engaged consideration surrounding the future of test methodologies is crucial. Transformation in technologies and development methodologies, with the accompanying demand for aptitude in manpower resources, requires that QA continuously addresses increased challenges in innovative testing solutions. Continue reading this article at DZone

Weekly Top 10: QA, Microservices, and Where’s the Heat in DevOps

In software approaches that produce monolithic applications, it is not uncommon to find siloed teams, with development, testing and operations each an island unto themselves. The responsibilities of test and development are distinct from each other and are not meshed into a hybrid team as you might see in advanced DevOps shops. “QA (quality assurance) always comes late in the game to verify or test the software developed by the development team against the predefined specifications know as software requirements,” says Venkata Vinay Pandella, team lead at Nisum Technologies Inc. Continue reading this article at Electric Cloud


Getting the right expertise is the key for success in any business and that’s no less relevant when it comes to mobile app testing and test automation. It is important to remember that at the end of the day, used tools and technology are just enablers. And those will work for you as well as your engineers and QA folks can utilize those in their daily work. So, what are the top criteria for the superb QA folks that you should consider to have in your team?

As this is the last blog in series of 10 Best Practices for Mobile App Testing we started early October, we’ll be discussing briefly about the expertise and characteristics that are must-to-have to make your testing effort successful. Even though mobile app testing can be tedious, it’s vital to the success of an app. In the long run, companies that rely the best resources in their testing save time fixing those nasty bugs in their apps, games and services, but more importantly, save money. And superb resources save you even more! Continue reading this article at BitBar

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