Infrastructure Engineer

Location: Palo Alto
Company: Instart Logic

About Instart Logic:

Instart Logic is a Computer Software company with specialties in Software-defined Application Delivery, Cloud Application Delivery Service, Content Delivery Network Replacement, Web App Streaming, HTML/Image Streaming, and CDN.


-create, maintain, deploy tools to automate mgmt of systems/services in their data centers/public clouds

-manage infra services used by all Instart Logic systems in their data centers/public clouds

-perform sys and app administration, t/s, and deployments


-you’ve worked in a hi-availability SaaS environment, providing 24/7 service

-you’ve had 3+ yrs prod experience w/ config mgmt tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, or CFengine

-you’ve experience w/ CI/CD process & promoting code from dev environments into prod

-you’ve built monitoring for prod infra and sys

-you’re proficient in Python, Ruby, or another hi level lang

-you follow test-driven dev methods & take pride in your code

-proven experience writing tools against 3rd party API’s

-you possess excellent written/verbal comm skills

-you possess excellent analytical/t/s skills

-8+ yrs of experience in Unix/Linux sysad

Full job details

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