Dev Ops Engineer

Location: San Francisco
Company: Clara Lending

Clara is looking for a DevOps engineer to build their ops team.


-architect, implement, & administer AWS-based infra
-lead development of tools that will help them monitor their infra and proactively respond to issues before they arise

What you will do:

-work with the latest DevOps technologies like Docker, Terraform, Ansible, and Chef

-think like a prod manager (where other engineers at Clara are your customers)

-create tools/frameworks that enable their engg teams to build, release, & operate their own microservices

-architect, implement, & administer their AWS-based infra spanning consumer facing web apps, backend business workflow engines, & data pipelines

-design a well-monitored/self-healing infra that scales with their business

-work with, teach, & learn from an awesome team that is fun, devoted to personal growth, & committed to building something meaningful, lasting, & impactful

About you:

-4+ yrs experience as software or DevOps engineer

-2+ yrs managing a non-trivial system architecture in AWS. Their current sys has ~80 nodes serving 3 front end apps, with more than a dozen back-end services across several environments; this is likely to grow significantly to support on-demand environments, more complex analytics, additional workflows, etc

-you see both sides of DevOps (development and operations) and see how they’re intertwined & influence each other

-you care about continuous integration, reliable deployments, sensible config mgmt, etc. because they catch errors early & improve both sys stability & developer efficiency

-you’re a developer first & foremost & are lazy in the right ways – you have a focus on building tools, systems & patterns, not manual firefighting

-you’ve built reusable systems, & are familiar w/ modern tools to reliably, consistently & repeatedly manage them – we’re open to some combo / selection of Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Linux, Docker; not: post-it notes, tribal knowledge, or prayer

-you’ve expertise/strong interest in security best practices & defense mechanisms

Full job details

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